What we can do for you



Our team of architects integrates complex interrelationships, for bringing your project to life according to the initial vision. Our designers, planners and engineers share their resources towards a complete, exquisite result, in due consideration of the environment. We’ll go beyond your expectations.

Project Consultancy


We provide extended and effective support throughout the entire project, including opportunity analysis and feasibility studies, from the initial stages of planning to the final stages of construction and even further. Basically, we go all the way: our commitment to your project is not temporary, but long term. For life.



Every project has its own specifics, influenced by economic, social and environmental factors. Our team of designers consider all the aspects  before approaching the drawing board and elaborating a solution. We take responsibility for every inch we draw on paper.

Project Assistance


This service is crucial for minimising risks and maximising results, our project assistants having a priceless contribution in the construction phase. We don’t limit ourselves to a quality check from time to time, instead we ensure a continuous surveillance in every stage of the project, by being an active part in the decision making process, teaming up with the constructor for finding the best solutions.